The Greater Columbus Irish Cultural Foundation is a 501 C (3) Charity (Tax ID 31-1271798)  that was formed in 1989 as the Shamrock Club Cultural Foundation by The Shamrock Club of Columbus to promote Irish heritage, history and to the encourage the awareness and appreciation of Irish culture and traditions. In 2004 The Foundation separated from the Shamrock Club and became the Greater Columbus Irish Cultural Foundation, Inc.

         2018 Executive Board

Chairman –

Vice-Chairman – Edward Gaughan

Treasure – Gregory Brown

Secretary – J. Michael Redmond

Trustee – Kenneth Bowen

Trustee – Thomas Byrne

Trustee – J. Thomas Davis

Trustee – Francis Doyle

Trustee – Ronald Hagan

Trustee – Christina McConahay-Harris

Trustee – Patrick Kelley

Trustee – Megan Kelly

Trustee – Lisa O’Connell-Paccoretti